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BEUR STEEL STRUCTURE Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in designing, developing, manufacturing, installing, selling steel structures and undertaking various kinds of steel structures.Our main product ranges have H beam, C and Z shape steel purlins, color steel panels, sandwich panels, steel pipe and so on.

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long span steel structure

  • Long span structures in Concrete and Steel SlideShare

    Oct 12, 2016 · Long span structures in Concrete and Steel. Another method of classification of long span structures is as follows Long Span Beams Long Span Trusses Portal Frames Form Active Systems of flexible, non rigid matter, in which the redirection of forces is effected by particular form design and characteristic form stabilization Systems of rigid, solid,Read More

  • Construction Long span buildings Britannica

    Steel structures. Trusses are highly efficient in bending and have been made up to 190 metres (623 feet) in span. Two way grids can be made of either plate girders or trusses to span square spaces up to 91 metres (300 feet) in size; these two way structures are more efficient but more expensive to build.Read More

  • Long span beams SteelConstructionfo

    Spans in excess of 20 m can be achieved (for the purposes of this article the definition of long span is taken as anything in excess of 12 m). Generally long spans result in flexible, column free internal spaces, reduce substructure costs, and reduce steel erection times. This broad range of benefits means that they are commonly found a wide range of building types.Read More

  • []Composite Beams With Web OpeningsWeb openings are typically formed in beams to allow services to pass through the beam. This enables the structural and service zones to occupy the[]Cellular Composite BeamsCellular beams are a form of beam with multiple regular web openings , formed by splitting two rolled sections longitudinally, to form two Tee sect[]Haunched Composite BeamsHaunches may be added at the ends of a composite beam to provide moment continuity. The stiffness and strength of the connections mean that the res
  • Design of Long Span Steel Structures and Hangars

    Design of Long Span Steel Structures and Hangars [With Eave Bracing Concept] Amit Bharana , President, ERA BUILDSYS Ltd. The majority of industrial buildings are made out of steel for obvious reasons of high strength/weight ratio.Read More

  • AuthorMaria R.

    Long span Structures Tensairity long span structures • “Tensairity” = Tension + air + integrity • New space structure created by replacing the vertical bar in the beam string structure with the air rib • Composed of three types of elements Beam Cable Membrane • First reported at the IASS France Symposium in 2004Read More

  • Long Span and complex Structure

    Common Structural Forms for Long Span Building Structures 1. Insitu RC, tensioned 2. Precast concrete, tensioned 3. Structural steel – erected on spot 4. Structural steel – prefabricated and installed on spot 5. Portal frame – insitu RC 6. Portal frame – precast 7. Portal frame – prefabricated steelRead More


    Long span Structures Definition of modern long span space structures [1]Modern long span space structures are light and efficient structures, developed starting in the 1970’s and 1980’s on the basis of• new technologies • and light weight high strength materials such as high strength steel, membrane and steel cables 24Read More

  • long spans Designing for Long Spans AISC Home

    Designing long span structures requires an obsession with stability. Certainly, the structure has to hold up its own weight; just to span the required distance a structure has to support significant dead load. But the complexity of long span design increases exponentially when snow load, wind load,Read More

  • Long span structures SlideShare

    Aug 25, 2016 · LONG SPAN STRUCTURE’S Structures with span larger than 15 20 meters are regarded to as Long Span Structures. For Such structures span is unable to be achieved with ordinary R.C.C. construction. Generally long spans result in flexible, column free internal spaces, reduces substructure costs and time to erect the structure.Read More

  • 13 structural steel buildings that dazzle Building

    The resulting press box structure is 375 ft long with two main spans of 100 ft long and end span cantilevers of 33 ft. The press box arches to follow the curvature of the existing exterior wall and is supported by four concrete cores (two at each end) and four center structural steel columns.Read More

  • Design of Long Span Steel Structures and Hangars

    Structure with Span larger than 40 m can be regarded as long span structures and need to be carefully designed keeping a balance of all the aspects like its weight, deflections (sway) and foundation forces.Read More

  • Design of Long Span Steel Structures and Hangars [With

    Design of Long Span Steel Structures and Hangars [With Eave Bracing Concept] Amit Bharana , President, ERA BUILDSYS Ltd. The majority of industrial buildings are made out of steel for obvious reasons of high strength/weight ratio.Read More

  • What are the Types of Structural Steel Framing Systems?

    Long Span Steel Framing . Long span steel framing is considered when large clearance is required and such long spanning cannot be realized using steel beams and columns. Long span steel framing options can be categorized into different types, for instance, girders, trusses, rigid frames, arches and cantilever suspension spans.Read More


    • Steel is the MAJOR material for long span structures, allowing for the maximum spans to be reached • The frequent use of steel is due to its advantagesi.e. lightRead More

  • SUPER SPAN and SUPER PLATE by Contech

    SUPER SPAN structures utilize MULTI PLATE plates and special features that allow for a large family of shapes. With spans up to 50 feet, SUPER SPAN structures are some of the most widely accepted long span, corrugated steel bridge structures in the world.Read More

  • Long span building construction Britannica

    Long span building s create unobstructed, column free spaces greater than 30 metres (100 feet) for a variety of functions. These include activities where visibility is important for large audiences (auditoriums and covered stadiums), where flexibility is important (exhibition halls Read More

  • Long span Steel Structure About Us china roof

    We have 200 workers, including 50 high quality engineering technical personnel. We shear up to 8000 tons of steel sheet and also produce up to 20,000 tons of tapered H section each month. Our total annual output for Corrugated steel sheet,Sandwich panel, Floor decking sheet, C&Z purlin is about 7000tons.Read More

  • A multi performance comparison of long span

    The assembly of the steel structural system consisted of a 3.5 in (8.9 cm) concrete topping on a 3 in (7.6 cm) deep galvanized steel deck, wide flange beams and wide flange girders. A steel strength of 50 ksi (345 MPa) was used, and 4000 psi (28 MPa) concrete was used for the slab.Read More

  • Trusses SteelConstructionfo

    Pratt truss ('N' truss) Pratt trusses are commonly used in long span buildings ranging from 20 to 100 m in span. In a conventional Pratt truss, diagonal members are in tension for gravity loads. This type of truss is used where gravity loads are predominant (see below left).Read More

  • Versa Floor™ Long span Composite Floor Systems – New

    With spans up to 36′, the deep ribbed steel deck profile of Deep Dek ® creates the longest spanning composite floor systems available. Safer and more cost effective panelized delivery method. Safer and more cost effective panelized delivery method.Read More

  • A long span structure in Romania ConSteel Software

    Design of the roof`s steel structure The roof structure consists in 7 trusses with a clear span of 63,90m, and total length of 76,10m, supported by concrete frames and Read More

  • STRUCTURE magazine Long Span, Open Web Trusses

    Long span, open web trusses provide architects with design freedom and engineers with a choice in material selection. The trusses are custom designed, detailed, and manufactured to meet the structural needs and design intent for the specific application.Read More

  • Construction of Steel Structure Foundations, Columns

    Steel framed structure construction begins with the construction of its foundation. Generally, the types of foundation required for the given structure is based on the soil bearing capacity. Soil investigation including surface and subsurface exploration is used to assess the condition of soil on Read More

  • Cables in structures Civil + Structural Engineer magazine

    The typical uses are suspension bridges, cable stayed bridges, long span roof structures, inflatable membrane roofs, elegant railings, cable net glass curtain walls, and others. They are also used in concrete structures in lieu of mild steel reinforcing to achieve longer spans with thinner members.Read More

Steel Structure Drawing

Steel Structure Material

Item Name Materials Characteristics Material Grade Surface Treatment
Steel Column H shape,Box,Steel Pipe,Hot tolled sheet Q235B,Q345B Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel beam H shape,Box,Steel Pipe,Hot tolled sheet Q235B,Q345B Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel Bracing Steel Rod,Steel Pipe,Angle Steel Q235B,Q345B Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Steel Purlin C or Z purlins(Thickness1.8mm~3.0mm) Q235B,Q345B Hot dip Galvanized
External Wall panels,Roof panels Single colorful corrugate steel sheet,sandwich panels with EPS,Rock wool,PU. Galvanized Steel+Painting Alu-zin 150g,Fluorocarbon pain
Steel buildings Door Slidding or Rolling door Steel or Aluminum sheet Paint or Hot dip galvanized
Steel buildings Windows Aluminum alloy-Glass,Aluminum alloy-shutter T=1.0-2.0mm Alloy
Skylighting panels FRP T=1.5mm-1.8mm Coefficient of thermal expansion:2.2x10-5/cm Light Tranmitar 85%
Ventilator Turbine ventilator on a ridge Steel,Stainless steel ,PC Paint or Hot dip Galvanized
Gutter Galvanized steel plate,Stainless steel plate T=2.0mm Hot dip galvanized
Downpipe PVC pipe,color steelpipe Y=0.5mm Dia110mm paint
Hight Bolt Ordinary ,High strength 10.9S,4.8S Hot dip galvanized,Steel
Ground bolts Steel RodM24,M27,M30,M33,M39,M42 10.9S Steel

Steel Structure Material





Column and Beam

Q345 or Q235 H section steel ( painted or galvanized)


Wall&Roof Purlin

C or Z section steel, size from c120~C320, z100~Z200(galvanized)


Wall&Roof Panel 

colorful corrugated steel sheet or sandwich panels (eps, rockwool, fiber glass, pu etc.)



steel angle, steel pipe, steel round bar.



sliding sandwich panel door or rolling metal door



pvc or aluminum alloy windows



anchor bolt, high strengthen bolt, normal Bolt, skylight Belts, ventilators, gutter, down pipe, etc.

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